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While our food is what earns our restaurant its recognition, it’s also our belief to provide pure southern hospitality,

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Maggie’s Galley Seafood Restaurant continues to thrive as a small town local favorite after going through many adversities along the way. The current owner of the restaurant and her daughters believe in using the freshest seafood you can get in the mountains of North Carolina, as well as using local and fresh products.

As Maggie’s Galley continues to thrive, you’ll always see a member of the Carrier family, the current owners, in the restaurant, whether they’re serving tables or working in the kitchen. As hard as restaurant work is, they love every minute of it. However, when the family finds a moment to be away, they enjoy spending time at Fontana Lake and in Charleston, South Carolina.

While our food is what earns our restaurant its recognition, it’s also our belief to provide pure southern hospitality. Our family looks forward to you joining us.

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Our History

It all began in 1989, when Al Jenson and Robin Kenyon opened Maggie’s Galley Seafood Restaurant in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Starting out with only six tables, it was a small start to a long journey. Quickly growing in popularity, Maggie’s Galley relocated from their small location in Maggie Valley to the Forsyth Inn in Waynesville. In the early nineties, due to a fire, the restaurant relocated again to its third location on Howell Mill road.

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The building that housed the restaurant was comprised of three old log cabins, giving it an ambiance and quaint atmosphere that was irreplaceable. Unfortunately, the “old log cabin” wasn’t meant to last. In November of 2012, Maggie’s Galley was forced to close its doors due to right of eminent domain and the expansion of Howell Mill Road. It wasn’t until September 2013 that Maggie’s Galley Seafood Restaurant reopened at its new home at 1374 Sulphur Springs Road, and to this day, it is still thriving greatly at what it hopes to consider its final home.

Currently featured on the walls of Maggie’s Galley is the artwork of the late Thomas Jefferson Knox. These prints were also used to adorn the walls of the Howell Mill Road location and were some of the few things the owner was passionate about bringing along to the new location. Included among this artwork is an original painting of the restaurant’s prior home, the old log cabin.

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